DevOps Engineer with Docker Experience, Online Supermarket Services

Our client is one of the biggest online supermarkets worldwide. DataArt specialists help develop and support its services. We have helped the company to create web-portals and mobile apps, delivery control systems, staff management tools, data storage and much more.
Modern IT-systems have allowed the company to increase the amount of its customers to over half a million. Retail provides a yearly profit of around £1 billion. But our client is determined to earn even more by reselling the technological tools that have led them to their success.
Based on the new IT-infrastructure and the experience of its modifications, the company is working on developing a cross functional system that will be able to fit the interests of other companies that are interested in acquiring such systems. DataArt provides consultation and development of the software for the client in both areas of their activities: online sales and creation of the cross functional retail platform. ​

Must have

  • Excellent knowledge of one of the following Linux distributions: CoreOS (preferably), Debian, RedHat, Fedora;
  • Knowledge of Bash and Python;
  • Understanding of the composition of the file system, networking, package management systems and *nix security concepts;
  • Knowledge of Docker (container management, writing Dockerfiles, working with images, understanding its build process);
  • Understanding of the basic entities of SystemD (Units, Services, Sockets, Targets), the ability to create and support them;
  • Solid understanding of and skills correcting errors with the use of etcd, fleet, journald;
  • Experience working with ELK, AWS;
  • Good spoken English;
  • Experience working with Apache Velocity.

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