QA: Wild Wild West Security

17 януари

понеделник, 19:30

С подкрепата на: DataArt

Това събитие ще се проведе онлайн и е част от потребителската група Software Quality Assurance.

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During this lecture we are going to discuss topics about security testing and its importance. At the end we will perform some of the famous security testing attacks.


  • What is Security testing and where it stands in the quality
  • Key elements in Security Testing
  • Types of Security Testing
  • Security Testing Tools
  • Security Testing best practices
  • Demo: Security testing – famous attacks
  • Q&A част.


Dimo Mitev is a QA professional with more than 16 years of experience in the IT industry. The roles he has occupied include Test Consultant, QA Engineer, QA Lead and Team Lead. While being actively engaged in the software testing process, which is a part of the Software Development Lifecycle, he has gained significant experience in different software testing types, including but not limited to functional, web service, performance, security and automation testing. Now, for more than eleven years, he has been working for Progress Software (ex Telerik Corp) as QA Architect.