The Proggy-Buggy Humorous International Programming Contest 2020

24 октомври

събота, 16:00

The Proggy-Buggy Humorous International Programming Contest will be held on October 24, 2020. This year we run an online tournament to attract even more participants. And there are even more changes.

Important information for newbies: the Proggy-Buggy is not a boring, serious, and long contest. On the contrary, the idea is to have fun and demonstrate your agility. You may call it a blitz. It is going to be fun and competitive.

We invite students, developers, testers, and ANYONE with programming skills as well as understanding of “console application” and “standard input/output streams” to join us in this challenge.

There will be 13 rather easy tasks that would have to be completed in only 42 minutes (do you remember why?).

The contest will be held in English.

The solution to any task is a console application, the source text of which must be sent to the verification server using any of the programming languages from the drop-down list (available languages: C, C ++, Free Pascal, Java, Mono C #, Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript).

The team that solves the maximum number of tasks in the least amount of time wins. Everyone’s solutions will be checked automatically on a single server, so we will be able to quickly determine the winner.

There will be several award categories, which we will inform you later. So, expect surprises!

This year the contest will have two types of participants:

  • Amateurs (without previous experience participating in ACM ICPC or IOI contests or any other programming competitions).
  • Professionals (with previous experience participating in ACM ICPC or IOI contests, or any other programming competitions).


Participation is free but you would need to register. You can register as a team (up to three people) or as an individual.

We start on October 24, 2020 at 16:00 (Bulgarian Time)

You need a laptop and your good mood. Detailed information and training tasks from previous years will be sent to registered teams.


13:00 – 13:10

Meet and greet

13:10 – 13:30

Opening of the contest, explanation of the format

13:30 – 14:12

Completion of tasks

14:12 - till the end

Share your impressions