DataArt's Calling: Talk to Our R&D Center Head, Developer, and HR Manager

DataArt's Calling: Talk to Our R&D Center Head, Developer, and HR Manager
Our experts will participate in one-on-one calls with those who sign up to DataArt's Calling Event, in a week December 2–6. You have an opportunity to ask any question about the IT industry, as HR Leaders, developers and managers see it. 

You can schedule a call with the head of our Sofia R&D Center Denys Yukhno, HR leader Lilyana Halembakova, and Java developer Yordan Stankov. Follow the link to the calendar of the expert you want to talk to, schedule a call, and wait for a talk.

You will have half of an hour to ask the expert everything you want, be it professional consultation, or inquiry regarding a career at DataArt.


Denys Yukhno — Head of DataArt’s R&D Center in Sofia

Apart from being Head of DataArt in Sofia, Denys is also a Delivery Manager.

Denys can tell you about DataArt in general and its culture, as well as the main advantages of DataArt as an employer.

Denys will be also happy to have a chat on project and people management. He can cover service delivery topics – in particular: how to build a team from scratch and how to take over an existing team or project.

Languages: English, Bulgarian, Russian.

Schedulе a meeting with Denys



Lilyana Halembakova — HR Manager, DataArt in Bulgaria

Lillyana supervises all HR processes in our Sofia office. She is also actively engaged in employer branding.

You can book a talk with Lilyana to learn more about the career opportunities that DataArt can offer. She can also answer your questions about recruitment processes, professional development and relocation.

Languages: English, Bulgarian.

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Yordan Stankov — Java Developer, DataArt in Bulgaria

Yordan can share with you what it is like to wоrk for an outsourcing company like DataArt. He can also talk about the specifics of working in a multinational virtual team. Last but not least, you can ask him questions about his personal motivation to be part of DataArt.

Languages: English, Bulgarian.

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Chose an expert, schedule a call, and wait for DataArt calling. See you!