DevOps Engineer with AWS Experience, Banking System

Our client is a British bank, one of the largest finance companies of the world. The bank was founded three centuries ago, and today its assets are estimated at trillions of US dollars.
Throughout its history the bank has offered various banking products to the clients. Its technical support has become more complex and expensive due to the expansion of their product line and growth of their customer base. The development of technologies has led to a growth in customer expectations for banking apps as well as the automatization of bank account interactions. Therefore, it became clear that all the IT systems of our client needed an upgrade. Now they have been improved in accordance with modern technologies, and the user interfaces of the apps have been modernized as well; the DataArt team is now working on closer integration of the apps. An incredible amount of paperwork with which the specialists of the bank are engaged is going to be automated and transferred to electronic format.
DataArt's experts together with developers on the client's side are creating new banking apps and upgrading the old ones. In particular, there is a customer client portal project, which aggregates all user information and allows users to switch easily between the various banking products. Also, we are developing a system for storing client data and applications designed for easy car loans, issuing of bank cards, and account registration. Currently, there are also some other products at the design stage.
Working in this project will provide you an opportunity to participate in the technological modernization of a large financial institution, creating a product that will have millions of users, and obtain relevant experience in agile software development.

Must have

  • Knowledge of AWS techniques and technologies (ASGs, VPCs, access control, security management)
  • Experience with PFC (Pivotal Cloud Foundry)
  • Basic knowledge of Java to be able to read\understand\work with error traces in logs
  • Experience in implementing CI/CD
  • Knowledge of Ansible, Kubernates, Docker
  • Knowledge of Linux
  • Spoken English

Would be a plus

  • AWS certification
  • Experience with TeamCity
  • Experience with load balancers (F5)
  • Experience of Splunk administration
  • Experience with Git/Git flow
  • Experience with Apache
  • Experience with WebSphere + IBM MQ
  • Experience with Introscope
  • Experience with Postman

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